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Tempeh Reuben sandwich, folks. That's all you need to know.


OK, perhaps you need to know a leeeetle bit more. My vegan girlfriend and I enjoyed a day trip yesterday out to Auburn, which included my first-ever stop at this green gem of a restaurant. You know you're in veg culinary heaven when you have the blissful experience of struggling among various tantalizing food choices, including sandwiches, some Mexican fare, lasagna, a veggie burger, and more (including vegan desserts).


The GF and I decided to split a couple of sandwiches. She'd been to Nectar before and suggest the Tempeh Reuben. Now I've never been a big sauerkraut fan, but holy smokes, this sandwich was de-frickin'-licious, all warm and tangy and savory. Hands down, one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.


We also split the Curried Hip Chick Sandwich, which fortunately did not contain a trendy baby chicken. It was tasty and unusual, essentially chickpea salad served on bread, with walnuts, cranberries, and curry sauce. Mild but flavorful, this was also a great choice.


The restaurant itself was clean, casual, and comfy - with indoor and outdoor seating. Staff was nice and polite. We did have to wait a bit for our food (the horror!) - but hey, the place was crowded. I didn't fault them for that.  


Seriously, I would love for someone to scoop up Nectar Cafe and drop it 20 miles closer to my house, so I could go back frequently to try all those tempting veg offerings. But hey, now I have a reason to visit Auburn more often.


Ted S.  

Carmichael, CA 


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This place is delicious, my girlfriend and I just ate here and enjoyed some delicious craft brews. The chips and salsa was refreshing as can be and our entrees were top notch. I got the grilled cheese and salsa and my girl got the Thai wrap and a house salad. Grilled cheese was the melty mouthful I've been yearning for and her Thai wrap was super crisp and refreshing. Loved the entire experience, customer service was great, the guy at the front let me sample some of the corn salsa (thanks bro). These guys are an outstanding healthy local auburn eatery!


Aryan S. 

Solana Beach, CA 


This was my vegan restaurant ! It was completely mind blowing ! I loved every minuet of it! Me and my friends each ordered separate dishes! One was the rye bread sandwich (Reuben),, I had the vegan tacos with vegan cheese and the other was the nachos supreme ! All very delicious,, you have got to try out this restaurant. The staff are so kind and wonderful! We went hiking and yelped this place. It was and excellent way to end a wonderful day ! It's a unique cute kind of like a hole in the wall,, yet so chic on the inside .  We are from Stockton so this was a nice change I really wish we had something like this in Stockton


Aryanna J. 

Stockton, CA 



I love this restaurant. Their vegan/vegetarian fare will trick the pallet of even a committed omnivore such as myself.  In fact, I would likely try out vegetarianism if I knew how to make meals this good.  Their veggie burger and their Ruben sandwich are as good as any (and I mean compared to those made with beef ) I've ever tasted, filling and healthy.  As a health conscious father, it's rare to be able to come to an establishment like Nectar Café where you don't have to scrutinize the ingredients.  Whether you're a local or are rolling through Auburn on your way to or from the mountains, I highly recommend visiting Nectar Café.


Louis Z.  

Applegate, CA 



"I just had the Yum-Wich and it was so delicious! I was skeptical because it was a vegan/gluten-free dish but it was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had! I definitely recommend this to anyone who is vegan or just wants to eat delicious healthy food with a lot of flavor. The service was great, and they have a wide variety of juices and smoothies too.
The only thing I didn't enjoy was the Extreme Green but that's mainly because I don't have a taste for ginger. I am sure their other juices are spectacular. 

Definitely go to this place if you haven't!"


Raja O

Napa, CA 


Wow, I loved the decor and ambiance when I walked in, listened on Friday, to two guys rock the Beatles, Neil Young , on guitars, I was humming along as I placed my order.  I had the best Reuben sandwich ever, the flavors that were used for the tempeh as the meat substitute were amazing, fresh purple sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, pan toasted swirled rye bread, great hot sandwich with a home made dill pickle and flaxseed chips, I had a great cold beer after a hot day. I had the lime avocado mini frozen tart for dessert, my mouth still waters over it! Even their water, which is filtered is amazing. A great little cafe in a wonderful location, with happy staff, lot of love goes into that healthy food! Going back for smoothies, I wanted one of everything on the menu!



McAllen, TX 


Great food!I love all the tasty organic and vegan choices on their menu. I highly recommend this place!
There are very few places where I can go and eat this good and healthy , love it!


Kevin C.

Pilot Hill, CA


Fabulous Upscale Vegetarian Menu. Each of my three visits for dinner where wonderful enjoying the starters, main and desert dishes in this cafe. Their wine selection is great too. We are not vegetarians but are foodies and the selections never disappoint with unique flavor profiles. Friday nights are wonderful with the Nectar Cafe offering free live local musical talent to enjoy. Roy and our server Abby recognize us and made us feel right at home on our third visit over the summer.


Ann J.

Roseville, CA


Absolutely the best restaurant in Auburn. The highest quality food and an amazing menu. The epitome of "food is medicine, medicine is food". Tomi Sue and Roy are the bomb. They also happened to be blessed with one of the best locations in the area. Downtown Auburn, right behind the fire pit, and next to another Auburn best, Hanami Sushi. You will live longer if you eat here. Guaranteed. Thanks and PeaceLove


Scott L.

Brattleboro, VT


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