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Foothill Roots Farm

Foothill Roots Farm is located on the beautiful Simpson Ranch in Meadow Vista California. The 150 acre ranch is comprised of oak and pinewoodlands and a handful of meadows that border the cool water of Wooly creek. 


They are a  community based farm growing a diverse assortment of vegetables for our CSA (Community Supported Agricultre) program, wholesale and retail outlets, local restaurants, and our farm stand.

Foothill Fungi Pic.jpeg

Photo By Akim Aginsky

Foothill Fungi

Foothill Fungi is a small-scale family-run mushroom farm located in rustic Colfax, California, specializing in cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for the local community. The farm was founded in 2016 after Joel Gutierrez became inspired by the many beneficial  effects of mushrooms on human and environmental health. The vision for Foothill Fungi is to operate in a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment and benefit the bodies and minds of all the people involved in the process, from the workers on the farm to the customers who enjoy the fruit of the labor.

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