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Katie and James Schleder
Welcome! Our mission is to help you and the planet thrive by providing delicious, local, organic, healthy food, as well as events, education, and a welcoming place for friends and community to connect.


At Nectar Café we treat our customers as we would treat guests in our home. We are foodies, and we love to make food that tastes delicious AND helps your body feel great, too. Our menu is created and updated by talented chefs who are trained in nutrition, raw, and vegan cooking, as well as fine dining.


Our food is:

  • Organic, fresh, high-quality and made from scratch daily (including our own vegetable stock from scratch that we use to cook our delicious soups, beans, and other items)

  • Vegetarian & Vegan, healthy, and delicious (for instance, we soak all of our beans and raw nuts to make them easier to digest and healthier)

  • In-season, mostly organic, and locally sourced as much as possible 

  • Available gluten free, dairy free and all GMO free

  • Prepared with LOVE!


Join us at Nectar Café and experience the difference. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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